Company Introduction

Topwill is specialized in forging, welding parts, rail accessories, Food & Beverage equipment accessories, Port machinery accessories production. Topwill’s products are involved in precision flange, shaft, wheel, valve components, steel structures, mechanical parts and other Hi-Precision products. It owns the best quality control from the design, development, production, and inspection to the after-sales service, each step with strict requirements. It is relying on its powerful design team, professional technical experience, and complete mechanical production equipment to make the company get long-term, stable and sustainable development in every aspect. Company owned mechanical technology is able to combine the customer’s technical requirements and standards to provide the corresponding technical support.

Topwill’s up-to-date production facility features a broad fleet of machining equipment, including CNC lathes, CNC multi spindle units, Horizontal Boring and Milling Machining Center, Three Coordinate Measuring Instrument. Among others, our main activities are Machining on 4 and 5 axis Machining Centers, Thread cutting, Numerical control CNC machining, Precision machining, Large sized machining, Drilling, Drop, Forging, Open dies forging, 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine etc. All these can meet all customers’ requests and offer many additional Service.

Topwill’s products have been exported to 28 countries, such as Japan, America, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark etc. Our Hi-Precision Mechanical parts and Precision flanges are mainly used in Oil & Gas Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Chemical Industry, Construction machinery and equipment Industry. The company successively passed the certifications of ISO9001 and German TUV PED AD2000.